Other services

Psychiatric consultation

All patients are contacted initially by phone for a preliminary discussion about goals and therapeutic options. Following this contact, a formal consultation is scheduled. The purpose of this consultation is to:

  • Review your psychiatric treatment history
  • Gather information from significant others, psychiatrists, therapists and primary care physicians
  • Discuss your treatment options in detail
  • Collaboratively establish an initial treatment plan


Most patients referred to Psychiatric Intervention Associates are taking one or more psychiatric medications to help manage depression, mood swings, anxiety and other symptoms. The Psychiatric Intervention psychiatrists, Drs. Goodman and Blanco, provide expert guidance to manage a patient's medications while undergoing TMS or ECT, often in close collaboration with the referring psychiatrist or other prescribing physician. We can also provide second opinions regarding medication management and, at times, provide ongoing pharmacotherapy.

Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment

If symptoms are severe enough to impair basic daily functions, or if suicidal thoughts and urges become difficult to manage on an outpatient basis, a brief period of inpatient psychiatric care may be helpful or even necessary.

The Psychiatric Intervention team has extensive training and professional experience in the hospital setting and provide inpatient psychiatric services at the Sutter Center for Psychiatry. Under their expert guidance, the skilled staff of inpatient nurses, social workers, and other therapists help manage the most challenging psychiatric conditions. This team is experienced in caring for patients undergoing ECT and also with managing complex medication and psychological treatment.

The Psychiatric Intervention psychiatrists can evaluate whether outpatient or inpatient care is most appropriate and can help arrange inpatient care when it is needed.